What can make eczema symptoms worse?

What can make eczema symptoms worse?

  • In infants, water with a high level of calcium carbonate (i.e. hard water) may be associated with an increased risk of atopic eczema1
  • Irritants can disturb skin barrier function and may include detergents contained in soaps, shampoos, shower gels, bubble bath and hand washes, including "soap-free" products2,3
  • Air conditioning and inadequate ventilation may result in increased exposure to allergens, e.g. house dust mites and pollens2
  • In children it has been shown that nylon clothing, house dust, unfamiliar pets, sweating and shampoo can cause eczema flares4

Keeping a diary about your activities, lifestyle, diet and work and your symptoms may help you to identify possible factors that make your eczema worse.


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