What causes asthma?

What causes asthma and how you can be affected by the disease can be very individual. Some experience problems once in a while, while others are more affected and often need to visit a hospital.

Asthma is hereditary – but today more people are affected by asthma from other causes. People with allergies to, for example, pollen, pets or dust mites, run a higher risk of developing asthma compared to non-allergic people.

Non-allergic asthma is caused by one or more substances that irritate the airways. This could be, for example, dust, cigarette smoke, toxic fumes, cold air or exercise. Sometimes asthma is also caused by respiratory tract infections.

Allergic asthma is caused by an allergic reaction to a substance or a food that you are intolerant to. Common allergens are pollen and pets.



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Treatment with inhaler

Asthma is often treated with medication via an inhaler. Asthma can not be cured but an inhaler can help you control your symptoms and live a normal life

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