How to help asthma

How to help asthma

If you suffer from asthma it is of extra importance to keep your house clean and tidy. There are large amounts of substances in dust that can provoke allergies. There is absolutely no need to walk around using your vacuum cleaner all day long, but the most important thing is to clean your house in the right way.

Keep in mind that when you clean or make the bed, lots of dust will swirl around and may cause asthma. Use a damp cloth instead of a vacuum cleaner in areas where that is possible. It is also a good idea to choose a vacuum cleaner with an extra filter.

Avoid asthma triggers as much as possible, use non-perfumed chemicals for cleaning and not too much. Finally, it is good to let air into your house when you are cleaning.

It is very simple: remove the dust and you will decrease the risk of inhaling allergy provoking substances.

UK/GEN/15/0056d           Date of preparation: December 2015