• How are allergies treated?

    Nobody wants to be allergic, but fortunately today there are effective allergy treatments available.

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  • Does your child have asthma?

    Sometimes it is hard to know if small children have asthma or not, since the asthma symptoms may resemble symptoms of...

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  • Are you allergic? Take this test!

    A runny nose, watery eyes or tiredness may be symptoms of an allergy. Take this test if you are in the risk zone and...

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Are you in control of your allergy?

Test yourself here and find out if your allergy is under control.

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Anaphylaxis nuts

What causes anaphylaxis?

In children the most common foods to provoke anaphylactic reactions are eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, nuts, fish, wheat and soy.

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Do you have asthma?

Is it sometimes hard for you to breathe during exercise? Do you suffer from pain or tightness in the chest, whistling sounds or a cough as you inhale cold air, or do you suffer a prolonged cough after colds?  

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#TakeTheKit - video created by the anaphylaxis campaign